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Memorial page for Bridgette Ann Worthington (February 23rd 1987 – May 27th 2011)

Dear Friends and Family, Welcome to what will be the future memorial page for Bridgette Ann Worthington. Sadly, she passed away this last Friday after a grueling and painful battle with breast cancer. Myself and the rest of my family are working feverishly to prepare everything for her Funeral and Memorial Celebration. I have been personally assigned the responsibilities of preparing all of the digital media and audio/video for Bridgette’s memorial celebration. Bridgette was very clear that she wanted not to be mourned, but instead remembered, for the joyful and amazing woman she was. I have taken on the task of preparing a memorial audio/video/photo slideshow, a memorial website and a music playlist for these events. If you are interested in finding out how you can help please read the letter from Facebook that I have attached below!  I am working hard on the new website and it should be up and running very soon!


Thank You,

Tyler Worthington


***IMPORTANT PLEASE READ*** First off, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their amazing thoughts, prayers, messages, and contributions during this difficult time. You spend your entire life watching tragedies take place around you, never imagining that one day, that same tragedy could strike at the heart of everything you hold dear. It’s a surreal moment that stops you in your tracks, blurs the reality around you, cuts a void in your heart and brings a burden of sadness that this keyboard isn't capable of translating into simple words. It definitely shakes you to the core, rattles your world, raises a lot of questions and most of all causes you to re-evaluate what your priorities in life. Bridgette was a beautiful and amazing person.... even hearing those words spoken brings with them a guilt as to my incapability to describe her with the awe-inspiring reverence that I know she deserves. Even now, as my entire family would love to draw back into our chairs and grieve the passing of our beloved Bridgette, we are instead faced with each of the daunting tasks and responsibilities that have been thrust upon us. Ironically enough, it is with great joy and yet deep sorrow that we have all come together to plan the undertaking of these responsibilities. We are planning a memorial celebration of Bridgette's life in the coming week. Lots of preparations have to be made but the tentative date for this event in Monday June 6th. I will provide the complete "Official" details as soon as I have them. I have received dozens of messages from friend and family members asking how they can help.. until now, I did not have an answer for any of you! There are dozens of tasks that have been divided up and delegated to each of my siblings in an effort to plan and pull-off the Memorial Celebration that Bridgette would have wanted. Every day since her passing I have been astonished to discover just how many people's lives were in some way or another touched, blessed, or improved by her presence. We are hoping that those same people will help us pull together everything we need to make her Memorial Bash possible.  

1.     I am preparing a memorial photo/video slide show and would LOVE anyone and everyone who has photos or video of Bridgette to please forward them to me as quickly as possible. We want this video to be as comprehensive and complete a record of Bridgette's life as possible! Please DO NOT send them over Facebook... Facebook drastically resizes all uploaded pictures and makes them virtually useless for our purposes. Please either deliver them on CD, DVD, PRINT, or MEMORY DEVICE to anyone in my family personally, email them to me personally in FULL RESOLUTION, or upload them to any of the major photo sharing sites and email me a link. My email address is

  2.     I am also preparing the music for the memorial video as well as a several hour playlist for her Memorial Celebration. If any of you can think of an artist, album or specific song that Bridgette enjoyed, we WOULD love to add it to the list. Once again... please email the names of any music you think Bridgette might have liked.

  3.     Bridgette was a literature fanatic. When she was younger she would read a new book every couple days. She was always discovering authors and quotations that she loved. One of her absolute favorites was "“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke If you know any of these gems that rang true to her, or even some you know she would like, then please send them to me ASAP.

  4.     I am working feverishly on launching a memorial website for Bridgette. This site will focus on remembering all of the amazing times Bridgette had in her life. We will have letters from her friends and family, a massive photo gallery of hundreds of Bridgette's pictures covering her entire life span. And a blog where people can upload their own photos and attach a story, note, or memory to it. I know in my hearts of hearts that this is EXACTLY how Bridgette would want to be remembered. Not sooo much for her... but because she wants her 3 year old son Graham to one day read the stories about her and discover who his mommy really was... told by the people who love her most! Stay tuned... I will update everyone when the website is ready to launch. If anyone out there wants to contribute to this effort... any help would be greatly appreciated. The website will

  5.     Finally and most importantly... As many of you already know, planning for any major event, wedding or funeral, brings with it a hefty price tag. Every single member of my family is contributing everything their finances and schedules can possibly bear and yet, that still won’t be enough to cover the expenses. We are doing everything we can to keep the cost of her Memorial Celebration and Funeral down... and yet they are still considerable. We are humbly asking that any person who would like to contribute toward the cost of these events please do so. Even if all you can afford to contribute is 10 or 20 dollars that would be VERY APPRECIATED. Every little bit counts. The last thing I want is my parents, or Bridgette's husband Cain having to borrow money to pay for this when I believe that there are more than enough people who loved Bridgette who would be happy and capable of contributing to these costs. Please please please... do not feel obligated and only do so if you are in financially able. I spent some time talking to Bridgette 1 on 1 about the kind of "Going-Out" party she would want, and I am doing my very best to give her the "Going-Out" party that She would have wanted! We are accepting any donations in person, or via paypal. Please send any donations to THANK YOU SOOO MUCH IN ADVANCE! Also... if we receive donations in excess of the Memorial/Funeral costs all money will be given to Bridgette's husband Cain to help pay for medical bills and start a savings account for her son Graham.

  Bridgette's Brother, Tyler Worthington